How to Play PlayStation 4 Games on PlayStation 5

If you have brought a new PlayStation 5, then you might want to play your PlayStation 4 games on it. PlayStation 5 is compatible to run PlayStation 4 games, and moving those downloaded games from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 is not too difficult. As compared to PlayStation 4 games, PlayStation 5 gives a groundbreaking experience, but users have to go through some necessary steps first.

Sony confirmed in their statement that PlayStation 5 can run almost every PlayStation 4 game, with better performance and visual graphics. Sony also claims that users of PlayStation 5 won’t experience errors while playing PlayStation 4 games. Also, users can use their old PlayStation 4 Dualshock controllers with PlayStation 5. 

If anyone has a CD disc of PlayStation 4 games, they can insert it in the PlayStation 5 disc slot to play PlayStation 4 games. To make this happen, users have to open the Games tab and check the update first. Download the latest update, as the new console is running on an older software version. Apart from this procedure, several games on PlayStation 5 ask the user to download the latest OS version to run the game. So it becomes easy for users to download the latest OS version when it appears directly on the screen.

Another great option to play PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5 is by moving all PlayStation 4 purchased games to PlayStation 5 external hard drive. Moving games through hard drive is a way more reliable method any user can try out. Moving PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5 through an external drive does not take much time, and the chances of losing downloaded games are also very low.

However, if the user hasn’t started using an external hard disk with PlayStation 4, they need to follow: Settings>Devices>USB Storage Devices. Choose an available drive and mark it as an External Storage drive. After moving the game, it will be installed on the external drive automatically. Users can also change this setting by moving into Settings>Storage>System Storage>Options.

If the users have games on PlayStation 4 internal storage, then they have to move it to the external hard drive first to play those games on PlayStation 5. Go to Settings>Storage>System Storage>Applications. Select the game installed on PlayStation 4 and press Options to move it to the external hard drive.

After moving games from internal storage to external storage drive, the only thing users will have to do is plug the external storage disk to PlayStation 5 USB slot. After the plugging process, the PlayStation 4 title games will appear on the Game Library under the Games tab. If anyone follows this procedure, then it will be the easiest procedure they will have.

Another option users can try is through network transfer. Users can try out their local network to transfer PlayStation 4 games to PlayStation 5. After setting up PlayStation 5 completely, users have to connect PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 with the same Wi-Fi network. Then open Settings>System>System Software>Data Transfer on PlayStation 5.


All of these procedures are completely safe and easy to perform. Any user who is new to using Sony PlayStation, they can also understand the features and process of downloading the games. The easiest method to transfer PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5 is through an external storage drive.

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