The Best Smartwatches For Android: Why They Are Better Than a Apple Watch

No doubt, the Apple Watch is a great and useful smartwatch with exceptional features but is specifically designed for iPhone users. However, there is no reason for Android users to feel sad about it as plenty of options are available for them also.

Smartwatches are considered great companions when you use a smartphone. When it comes to choosing something to wear with your Android devices, many wearables are available in the market. The users find Apple Watch the first and great option when they look for a new smartphone. But, Apple Watch is not compatible with Android devices, and it can’t be used with an Android phone. However, there is nothing to worried about it. You can find a suitable alternative and even one that can be proved better than the Apple Watch in many departments, including battery life.

Although the wearable choices for Android smartphones have increased a lot, Apple Watch is still dominating the market as a large number of users prefer buying this Watch. It is a fact that smartwatches based on Android operating system have lagged behind the Apple Watch. Android smartwatches have faced this situation despite the fact that many of these offer advanced and enhanced features. Apple introduced its original Apple Watch in the year 2015 and termed it as the revolutionary product.

After then, the company released multiple new models of its watch with more intuitive and upgraded software, features, and significant improvements. Market leaders can easily find out what Apple will offer in its latest smartwatch while looking at its upgrade cycle. But, making such predictions are not possible about Android Watch.

Like Apple, Samsung has also taken steps and introduced its ecosystem in the past few years. The company has released its latest smartwatch, Galaxy Watch 3. The Galaxy Watch 3 is packed with features exclusively for the users of the Galaxy smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch is available in the sizes of 41mm and 45mm. It has a traditional round face. Its former version was available in a Mystic bronze tint, which is not generally offered in other smartwatches. Like Apple Watch’s series 6, Galaxy Watch 3 also comes with an ECG sensor, sleep tracking, and a monitor to measure oxygen in the blood. However, the Galaxy Watch 3 has a superior battery life in comparison to Apple Watch.

The battery of Galaxy Watch 3 can last up to 56 hours compared to 18 hours of Apple Watch Series 6. Fitbit Sense is another option that you can consider. It has been widely advertised as the ‘advanced health smartwatch.’ It has a square face and available at 40mm. The health smartwatch is packed with all features required for health tracking. Besides, it has two extra sensors to measure sweat and skin temperature to find out stress levels. Above all, the battery of Fitbit Sense can last for almost six days.

More Smartwatches That Can Beat Apple Watch Battery

Huawei has released many innovative and high-quality smartphones. It is right about the smartwatches released by this company also. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro has a round face a sapphire dial with the wear-resistance feature. It comes in 46mm and has all the latest features related to fitness and health. The most significant advantage of this smartwatch is its battery life, which runs for almost two weeks. Even though Huawei cannot do business with Google and other American companies, its smartwatch GT2 Pro is compatible with Android devices. Another excellent option for the Android users more focused on fitness is Garmin’s vivoactive 4.

The smartwatch is available in 45mm and 40mm sizes with a round face. Garmin is known for introducing many fitness tracking devices for years, very much similar to Fitbit. Garmin vivoactive 4 offers a wide range of essential features required in a smartwatch and tools to suit a healthy and active lifestyle. Some of the features that Garmin offers in its smartwatch includes contactless payments and offline audio listening. Above all, the vivoactive 4 of Garmin has a battery life of up to eight days without the need for any charge.

Looking at all the features and specifications, it is clear that the Apple Watch’s battery life is less than many other smartwatches compatible with Android. If Apple wants to make its watch the ultimate choice to the users looking for a new smartwatch, it has to make it compatible with Android devices. The Apple Watch is undoubtedly a great smartwatch offering plenty of features to its users, but it doesn’t mean that no other smartwatch can compete with it. You can choose from several other smartwatches that are compatible with Android devices. These smartwatches can also serve your needs in a better way.

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