How To Use iFont To Install Fonts On iPad And iPhone

App Store has several apps that are developed to increase your productivity on iOS devices. And iFont is one of them. iFont is a great app that allows you to install attractive fonts on the iPad and iPhone. It enables you to download hundreds of fonts on your Apple device to use for different purposes. You can easily change system fonts using iFont on your mobile phone.     

Fonts play a vital role in a device in creating documents, presentations, and projects effectively. They are also helpful to change the font style of specific applications. With iFont, you can chat with your friends on online chatting apps creatively. In addition to it, you can try different fonts while writing pages, keynote, and numbers. In simple terms, iFonts lets you play with fonts with several customizations. Please note that iFont only works if that particular app or service supports it. 

Further, you can install fonts in various formats including TrueType font (.ttf), OpenType font (.otf), TrueType Collection (.ttc), and .zip. You can take advantage of fonts on office apps, iWork, and also with design apps. If you want to install it, go to the Apple App Store and get it for free.   

How to use iFont?

Now you are going to learn the ways to use an iFont app on your iPad or iPhone. You can use it easily. So, let’s see the below steps to install fonts on your Apple device. 

  • If you have installed the app, launch it on your phone. 
  • Access the Installer tab and hit the Import button. 
  • Google Drive menu will appear on the screen. Choose the font file. If you want to search for more files, you can use the Browse button to get files from iCloud, Google Drive, and the mobile device. 
  • Now you have to go back to the Installer tab and click on the Select button near the file you have browsed. You will get any fonts from the file that will enable you to do several activities like share, compare, delete, etc. Use the button Install to finalize your selection. 
  • You will see the Allow button on the next page. You have to click on this button to start downloading the font’s configuration profile. 
  • Now take your Apple device and go to Settings and click on Profile Downloaded. Then hit the Install button. Here you will have to enter the passcode. After entering the passcode, click on the Done button located in the top right. The font profile can’t access the personal data. 
  • Hit on the Install button one more time, located in the top right and at the screen’s bottom. When all these steps get completed successfully, you will now take advantage of newly installed fonts. If you want to find the installed fonts, go to Settings and access General Profile.  

How to choose the new fonts in an app?

  • To choose new fonts, you will have to close all the running apps. So, press twice the home button to find the running apps. 
  • Find the app where you have to use the new fonts. 
  • Now close the app.
  • Relaunch the app.

You will find Cameron Sans MS Medium under the fonts sectionon your Apple device. 

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